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7688 Saint Francis Court
Gilroy, CA 95020-5319

(408) 842-9672

Freelance Ink designs customized publications tailored to its clients needs. It is owned by Tom Heald, a nationally published freelance writer specializing in science and technology articles. Past work includes Ad Copy, Articles, Brochures, Calendars, Fliers, Graphic Art, Newsletters, Pamphlets, Press Releases, and this Web Site.
* Custom Publications What we can do for you
* Reading library Published Articles, Short Stories, Poems and other works by Tom Heald
* Commercial Sites Selling:
- Mint 50 State Quarters for Sale or Trade
- Lincoln Cents for Sale or Trade 
- Maren's Much Loved Treasures for Sale
* Information Sites Other Supported Web Sites: Aero Cruiser, Star Trek, Mobile Sites, Adaptive Mobile Web Page, Font Test and Tips and the private Heald's Family site.
* Biography Who is Tom Heald?

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