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This web page is designed to adapt itself to the particular browser being used, be it on a mobile device or a larger, full-screen display.  It is a prototype that uses the information listed below to determine the operating environment.  The Global Variable "browserType" is set once and used thought the code to adapt the format and content of the information displayed.  It optimizes the HTML code to display cleanly when the browser is set to single column mode while preserving the current three column mode for all browsers.  Other browsers -- Netscape, Firefox, Safari, etc. -- can easily be added if needed.  

I don't envision adding code for specific mobile browsers -- Skyfire, Opera, Safari, etc -- as one of the main objectives of "Adaptive code" it to present a "clean" display on a mobile device under the theory that less in more.  Currently the only mobile browser I have tested with is "Microsoft IE Mobile".  I use a screen size of less than 400 pixels to determine if the device is mobile or not.

Information from your Browser: Have some fun:
Compare this web page -- http://fl-ink.com/adaptive.htm -- on your mobile device and your laptop or desktop system. If you have access to multiple browsers, try them also. You will notice a difference in the page format and some of the Browser-Specific functions.  I like to test with the Netscape browser, as it lets me switch the HTML Interpretive Engine it uses between IE and FireFox with just one click.  Note: Netscape, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and some other browsers all support  the Netscape versions of the HTML definition.  

Here is one example of a change to look for:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer  -- the "Click to add to your Favorites" box at the top of the left hand column will be displayed.
  • Netscape and other browsers -- the same box will now read "Press Ctrk+D to Bookmark Page". 
  • Mobile -- the message about "Favorites" will not appear.

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