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Pop Up Blocker Information

Slide Shows and Pictures brought up in separate windows may be blocked by your Pop-up blocker.  Some Pop-up blockers can't tell the deference between those annoying advertisements and a legitimate request to display a picture or other information.

Almost all Pop-up blockers have a way to override the blocking.  

For the "Microsoft Internet Explorer 7" there are several options: 

  • Click on the on the "Tools" icon and change your "Pop-up Blocker Settings"  to "Medium: Block most automatic pop-ups".  This works well for me.  It blocks the Pop-ups, but lets the links I click on through.    
  • Hold down the "Ctrl" and then the "Alt" keys when you click on the link you want displayed.  (This works most of the time) 
  • Click on the "Pop-up Blocked" icon on the bottom (status) line of the browser.  Select "Temporally allow Pop-ups" or "Always allow Pop-ups from this site".  Note: Because the Fl-Ink sites never use Pop-up ads it is safe to always allow them. 

For the "Earthlink TotalAccess" pop-up blocker installed as an Add-on to the Microsoft Internet Explorer:

  • Simply turn the Pop-up Blocker on or off by clicking on the Icon on the Menu Bar.  Generally EarthLink does a better job of distinguishing between unwanted ads and requested pop ups, so on the Fl-Ink web sites you don't normally have to turn it on and off.  
  • Don't see the EarthLink Icon.  Right click on a blank area in the "Command Bar" at the top of the browser and then click on "Earthlink ..."

Most Pop-Up blockers also allow you to add a specific web site to a list of web sites to allow pop-ups from.  Go to the settings section of your pop-up blocker for more information.  For the Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 you can do this by clicking on "Tools", and then selecting  "Pop-up blocker" and then "Pop-up blocker Settings".

If you have any questions, comments or need more information send an e-mail to tom@fl-ink.com.

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