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Set A Background Color
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IntroductionChange Color

You can change the background color on all "Fl-Ink.Com" pages that use a solid background color.  Once you set the background color it is remembered on your system until you reset it.

A background color is very much a personal preference.  To me a white background on a computer screen is like staring into a light bulb all day.  It's ok but I prefer a less intense background as long as it provides good contrast with the other elements on the page.  The following background colors provide that contrast while maintaining good readability of the text and links.  

Change Background Color:
The link color are preset on all of the "Fl-Ink.Com" pages as shown in the simulated links below.  Make sure you can read them with the background color you select.

  • The normal (not visited recently) link color: http://fl-ink.com/index.htm
  • The color the link briefly change to when clicked: http://fl-ink.com/index.htm
  • The color of a link you have recently visited: http://fl-ink.com/index.htm
Select one of the Background Colors below
 Cyan                     00FFFF 
 Subtle Cyan           7FFFFF 
 Mellow Yellow     FFFFCF 
 Muted Magenta   FFAFFF 
 Light Grey         DFDFDF 
 Sky Blue              00CFFF 
 Stormy Blue        7FCFFF 
 Soft Green          AFFFAF 
 Pale Pink             FFCFEF 
 White                   FFFFFF 
Feeling Adventures?
Enter a 6 digit Hexadecimal code and then press the TAB KEY* (not Enter).  Where the first 2 digits (00-FF) are the intensity level for Red, center 2 for Green and the last 2 for Blue.  Optionally you can enter one of the many color-names supported by your browser.  i.e. cornsilk, ivory, lavender, lightyellow, lightskyblue, linen, silver, wheat...
* Click here for alternatives to the Tab key!

         Click to to the default       
color and remove the "fl-ink.com" Cookie from your system.

If you have any questions or comments send an e-mail to tom@fl-ink.com.

Browser Differences:
Cookies are used to remember the background color that you select.  Therefore you only have to change it once and it will be remembered the next time you return to the site.  However, depending on your browser, you will experience the following differences.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser:
Only one Cookie is needed for all "fl-ink.com" sites or subdomains.  Therefore, when you set a background color in the "http://fl-ink.com" domain it will be used by the "http://state-quarters.fl-ink.com/", "http://aero-cruiser.fl-ink.com/", and all other subdomains as well.  You only have to set the background color once for all sites. 

Tested on Microsoft IE Version 7.0 and Version 5.0.

Netscape and Firefox Browsers:
Both the "Netscape" and "Firefox" browsers require a separate cookie for each subdomain.  So if you set the background color in the "http://aero-cruiser.fl-ink.com/" subdomain, it will not be recognized in the "http://state-quarters.fl-ink.com/" subdomain and will have to be set separately.  You may also have to click on your browsers "Refresh" button to see the new background the first time you return to the page you came from depending on the version of your browser you are using. 

Tested on Netscape Version 5.0 and Firefox Version 5.0 both from Mozilla.

Other Browsers:
If you have problems or information on how other browsers work with this application, please let me know by sending send an e-mail to tom@fl-ink.com.

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