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Biography -- Tom Heald
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Tom Heald

With more than 30 years of experience in the high-tech computer industry, Tom knows the ropes, from research and product development to marketing and strategic planning. Besides writing he has worked in several research labs as a programmer, team leader, and as a manager of large technical projects. Whatever your writing needs, Tom can help you get the word out to your customers, prospects, suppliers, employees and colleagues.

Nationally published in a diverse set of magazines, Tom specializes in science and technology articles. He was a Contributing Editor for Video Magazine, a consumer publication with a circulation of half a million, until it was sold in 1995. Tom also writes about writing, travel, and likes to review products, especially ones he uses. His articles are known for presenting complex subjects in an easy to understand manner, and for tailoring each article to the target audiences -- be they new to a field, informed consumers, or knowledgeable professionals. Tom also enjoys writing fiction, especially Science Fiction and Humor, which he pursues between other writing assignments.

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