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These articles and stores are a small sample of my work. The specific works have been selected to show how articles and stories can be tailored to different audiences and to the needs of an editor.

Just click on any Title Line in the following catalog to bring up the article or story.

Star Trek Stories, Synopses and Critiques:
A Time before Yesterday As the Enterprise C returns through the subspace rift, the D defends it from three Klingon K'Vort battle cruisers.  Click to Enlarge.
A sequel to "Yesterday's Enterprise".  The adventure continues as the Enterprise C heads back into the rift after joining forces with the Enterprise D in a bloody Klingon war.  Read the continuing story as seen from the bridge of the USS Enterprise C as its crew narrowly escapes three Klingon warships to return to the past and battle with four Romulan Warbirds.
Synopsis and Critique of "Yesterday's Enterprise" Enterprise C emerges from a subspace rift. Click to Enlarge.
Refresh your memory with this scene by scene synopsis and critique of "Yesterday's Enterprise", the original TV episode that inspired "A Time Before Yesterday" (Star Trek: TNG Episode 63).  The Enterprise C emerges from a subspace rift 22 years in its future to join forces with the Enterprise D in a bloody war against the Klingons.

Synopsis and Critique of "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country" Sulu, commanding the Excelsior, comes to the aid of Kirk just as the cloaked Bird-of-Pray's location is revealed by a photon torpedo. Click to Enlarge.
Kirk and McCoy are convicted of assassinating the Klingons Chancellor Gorkon and sentences to life imprisoned on the penal asteroid Rura Penthe. When rescued by Spock and the crew of the Enterprise, they track the real assents to the planet Khitomer where they must stop the assassination of the Federation President Ra-ghoratrei.

Synopsis and Critique of "Star Trek" the 2009 ATL (Alternative Time Line) Movie The ATL Enterprise leaves Vulcan as the planet starts to implode.  Click to Enlarge.
Starfleet Cadet Kirk, under suspension for an ethics violation, sneaks aboard the Enterprise on a rescue mission to Vulcan which is under attack by the same Romulans that killed Kirk's father 25 years early.  During the mission the familiar crew of the original series is assembled as they defeat the enemy and win another victory for the federation.  But the price of victory is high! 
Explanation of Stardate and other Terms used in Star Trek The Space Shuttle Enterprise with the cast of the Star Trek TV series. Click to Enlarge.
Includes a story on "How the Federation Established Stardate 0.0" and bibliographical information used in the writing of "A Time before Yesterday".

A picture of the Space Shuttle Enterprise with the cast of the Star Trek TV series in 1976.

Science Fiction Short Stories:
Greed, It Gets Them Every Time
An MIT student on a job hunting trip to California witnesses a freighter hijacking, and works with a dubious Police Detective and a woman from Grid Control to track down the hijackers. It explores the landscape, technology, and its combined effect on people a hundred years hence.
A Stitch in Time
Scientists at the Dark Side Moon Base receive a series of signals from an alien ship heading toward Earth at near light speed. Speculation runs rampant amid political intrigue as Earth waits for its first contact with an alien culture. The story explores our place in time and the importance of history to a people.
The Endless Trek: Unasked Questions
A young man must run for his life after his grandfather's death in a hunting accident. Pressed on by a relentless sun on a planet whose spin was slowed to a crawl by a rogue planetoid centuries earlier, Jon must overcome his fears and question his instincts if he is to rejoin his people.

Humorous Works:

Just Another Routine Stop
This humor piece is a fictional account of a California Highway Patrolman who receives a very special assignment after a misadventure.
What's in a Name?
A humors look at why we name inanimate objects.

Articles for Writers:

Writer's Critique Groups: Not Just for the Inexperienced
A Writer's Critique Group can help fledglings soar while keeping the experienced writer sharp. This article explains the different types of critique groups, and how to organize and run your own group so it remains active and interesting. It was the cover article in The Editorial Eye, June 1995. I have given several universities written permission to reprint this article.
Newsletters are a specialized tool that provides specific information to a select group of people. When sold the editor asked me to rewrite this article in two parts. They were published by Writers Connection in August and September, 1995.  I have given several universities written permission to reprint this article.
One Liners, Witticisms, Quips and Puns
A collection of oddities, humorous anecdotes and jokes that I have used from time-to-time in my writings.

Technical Articles:

Phantom Frequencies
This exclusive report shows how energy saving fluorescent lights can sabotage your TV and VCR remote controls. It was written as a mystery for a general audience and first published as a feature article in Video Magazine, April 1994. A rewrite for informed consumers was published as "Phantom of the Ether" in Electronics Now, January 1995.
Future Intense
Research labs around the world are hatching exciting new video technologies such as: Digital Videodiscs, Blue Laser, Holographic Storage, HDTV, Flat-panel TV, 3D-TV, and Holographic TV. It was written for informed consumers and was published as the lead feature article in Video Magazine, June 1995.
The Next Wave
New TV technology promises to replace the old familiar CRT with direct-view screens measuring over 40 inches and wall size projection systems that are brighter and sharper than anything we have today. But at what cost? Get the lowdown on DMD (Digital Micromirror Device), PDP (Plasma Display Panel), and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technologies. The article was written for informed consumers with separate sidebars containing more detailed technical information better suited for knowledgeable professionals. It was the lead feature article in Video Magazine, September 1996.


Tom and Maren's Fall FantasyPart 2Part 3:
A Journal of our 10,676 mile, 10 week Motor Home Trip around the US From Sept. 23 Through Nov. 30, 1997 complete with pictures, locations and point-to-point mileage.
Our Breakdown from Hell
Our motor home broke down just outside Death Valley in 112 degrees.

For Kids:

The Family of Tad
A children's story about a little wiggly, squiggle fish that over comes problems.
Got-Ya -- A Card Game for all Ages
A strategy game that can be played by 2 to 9 players varying in age from preteens to senior citizens. Harts and Bridge fans fine it a great change-of-pace game or a challenging alternative when 4 players are not available.

All of the following poems are on the Poetry.com web site; however, they keep changing the format and it is difficult to find existing poems so I have included my poems on a separate page in my library.  Click to go to my Potery page or click on a link to a specific poem below:

Interview with the Cat
was written in 1995 as part of an article I was doing on dictionaries. It was publish by The National Library of Poetry in 1997 and again in America at the Millennium, "The best poems and poets of the 20th century". Don't be too impressed, it's a vanity publisher. They publish your work and then offer to sell you a copy of the book.
Stars Alight
was written on Sept. 29, 1997 while my wife Maren and I were on a trip around the US. Our motor home was parked in a State Park near Guernsey, WY on a clear moonless night near the Platte river only a stone's throw from the old Oregon Trail.  It received an Editor's Choice Award* and was published by The International Library of Poetry in the anthology Seasons of Happiness on May 1, 2000.
The Seasons of Life
was written in phases. I composed "Autumn" while at a friend's funeral in November 1999. "Spring" followed in February 2000 after returning from four days of whale watching in Baja California. At that time I decided to create what I call a "Haiku Annual" of five verses depicting life's journey as the seasons of a year.  It received an Editor's Choice Award* and was publish by The International Library of Poetry in the anthology Eternal Portraits in the Fall of 2004. 

* About 12% of submissions receive by Poetry.Com are honored with an  Editor's Choice Award.    
The same poems can be found  on the Poetry.com web site;
However, they keep changing their format so it's hard to find a specific poem.   Go to their "Search" or  "Advanced Search" function and enter "Tom Heald", under "Author" and click on "Search".  Good luck!

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